VERITAS ATHENA (meaning truth and wisdom) is an organization of highly motivated professionals dedicated to the needs of elderly and disabled citizens of our community who cannot care for themselves. We are dedicated to the best life possible for these citizens. We use a structured approach that provides many levels of solutions, including power-of-attorney, protected status, or court ordered guardianships and conservatorships. We take great pride in the detail and hands-on work we do with each client whom we serve.

Meet Our Staff

Gregory Ireland


EDUCATION: BS University of New Mexico, MS,  University of Denver College of Law 



Greg is a guardian who has attained national certification through the National Guardianship Association.  He is also a thoughtful, forward-focused manager with extensive knowledge of administration in legal environments. Formerly he was the CEO of the Second District Court in Albuquerque and the Thirteenth District Court in Bernalillo NM. As CEO he has developed many programs designed to assist low income individuals coming to the courts for protection. He takes special concern for those least fortunate and designed free legal clinics throughout the Thirteenth District. In Albuquerque he was responsible for implementing the Elder and Disability Initiative in the 2nd District Court so as to focus on ensuring successful guardianships and conservatorships. In following his passion he has lobbied the New Mexico legislature extensively regarding protection and accountability for the elderly and disabled.


Crystal Anson

Chief Counsel

EDUCATION: BS and MA, Northern Illinois University, JD, University of New Mexico School of Law 



Crystal is an attorney with over 25 years of experience. Much of her legal career was in the courts, developing programs to assist pro se litigants.  Crystal started the court’s free legal clinics to assist anyone with any legal situation.  The most common legal situations people seek help with are probate, estate planning, wills, family law and documents for protecting their future.  Crystal drafted many forms used by the court to ensure pro se parties can proceed on their own.  She also started the court mediation program where parties who disagree on a situation can discuss and find a common solution.  With this background, Crystal is well trained on the law and documents required to meet a person’s needs, and how to resolve conflicting views if necessary.  She particularly enjoys meeting with people and consulting with them on the best method to reach their goal.  Crystal’s approach to all clients is low key, comfortable and thorough.  She is known for ensuring all clients get the best service available from VERITAS ATHENA.


Daniel Paul



Daniel Paul has wide expertise across guardianship, real estate, and fiduciary disciplines. Certified by the CGC as a National Guardian and a member of the National Guardianship Association, he has advocated for the rights and well-being of Protected Persons since 2017 understanding and addressing their special needs. His approach is fundamentally client-focused, aiming to effect meaningful change in the lives of those he serves.

Daniel is also highly skilled in fiduciary advocacy, serving as a conservator and representative payee with a full understanding of trust and special needs trust management. His role as a licensed Realtor® enables him to expertly navigate real estate transactions that form a critical component of trust and estate planning. Certified in Trust Administration by the American Bankers Association, Daniel’s comprehensive approach is anchored in transparency. He ensures that clients are always well-informed and actively participate in decision-making, fostering an environment of trust and empowerment. Daniel is dedicated to the needs of his clients – he is a dedicated and empathetic professional.