Welcome to Veritas Athena

Meaning “Truth and Wisdom”

Clarity,   Competence,   Purpose,   Transparency

Welcome to
Veritas Athena

Meaning “Truth and Wisdom”

In an age of increasing demographic shifts towards the elderly VERITAS ATHENA is created to provide comprehensive healthcare, legal, and financial services to the elderly or disabled. There is an enormous need for ethical, honest guardians and conservators in New Mexico.  Our elderly and disabled citizens have basic needs consistent with all age groups that are foundational; food, clothing, and shelter. It is only when the most basic needs are met that a person can go to the more fulfilling levels of life. As age increases the difficulty becomes one of capacity, either physical or intellectual, to accomplish basics. The foundation of VERITAS ATHENA is to provide services in an environment of responsibility and respect; of admiration for a life fully lived, and the purposeful pursuit of a complete future life.