In an age of increasing demographic shifts towards the elderly VERITAS ATHENA is created to provide comprehensive healthcare, legal, and financial services to the elderly or disabled. We recognize an enormous need for guardians and conservators in New Mexico.  Our elderly and disabled citizens have basic needs consistent with all age groups that are foundational; food, clothing, and shelter. It is only when the most basic needs are met that a person can go to the more fulfilling levels of life. As age increases the difficulty becomes one of capacity, either physical or intellectual in accomplishing basics. The foundation of VERITAS ATHENA is to provide services in an environment of responsibility and respect; of admiration for a life fully lived, and the purposeful pursuit of a complete future life.

What We Do

VERITAS ATHENA can help guide individuals and families through the process of deciding how to care for your loved one.  We will come to your home or preferred meeting place.  Many alternatives and options can be discussed and decided upon to develop an individual plan.  If necessary VERITAS ATHENA can assist throughout the entire District Court process and procedure as well as accessing various public and private agencies to tailor individual services according to a team-developed and person-centered plan. VERITAS ATHENA accomplishes this plan by bringing together a group of senior professionals well versed in the needs and desires of the elderly, matching each individual with the resources to make their wishes reality. They include former court officials, competent legal counselors, empathetic social workers, and certified public accountants. Personal wishes made known by documents such as wills, often secured before the need for them, are brought into fruition with exacting detail. As age progresses and needs change then the mix of services adjusts. We excel in a wide range of services: Will mediation help the family to adjust to changed circumstances? Is there a need for a financial power of attorney? a guardianship established by the court where services are provided by family members?…..or is there a larger need to manage complex financial assets of large estates? Ultimately, we provide assistance and a path for families or individuals to make sound choices… and then we ensure that the plan becomes reality.

Our Mission & Values

In an era where the motivations of those providing guardianship and conservatorship services to the elderly or disabled are often questioned, VERITAS ATHENA is fully bonded for client protection and goes through a rigorous practice to ensure that each individual’s needs are backed up by real life protections.  We will strive daily to exceed your expectations and help you realize a new standard for your financial future without the constraints of proprietary products, conflicts of interest, or hidden agendas. We are committed to the most comprehensive plans to fit your budget.  Long-term relationships that encourage open and honest communication have been and will continue to be the cornerstone of our foundation of success.


Greg, I can see that you have a deep appreciation for PC’s situation, and a keen awareness of the many challenges involved.  I am particularly grateful that you have managed to establish a special connection with PC. That is, I’m sure, a precious thing to him in his time of need and is likewise a testament to your abilities.     -CM
Dear Greg , thank you so much for your marvelous and generous care for JM. It’s truly awe-inspiring.   -LH
Greg is….. a jewel of patience and empathy. It’s very impressive.   -HS